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Hollywood Condition Fitness – Success guaranteed!


Hollywood Condition is a personalized training concept. It contains and combines elements of group fitness training such as group dynamic, music and also parts of personal training such as coaching – with one objective: All participants, whether they are a beginner or a (professional) athlete go to their performance limits – all muscle groups from head to toe are trained. For the exercises to be performed correctly, a specially skilled “Hollywood Condition Coach” will lead through the lessons. The coach will offer tips for the exercises and motivate the participants to give their best performance. His or her knowledge of nutrition and training methods is part of the 5-star personal trainer formation program. With this basic training, everyone is able to become a fitness or personal coach.





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Hollywood Nutrition – Sports nutrition equals top shape


Have you ever wondered how movie stars and models achieve to be so well trained and have such an excellent figure in such a short time? Their secret: Not only the workout, also the nutrition counts.

Hollywood Nutrition combines basic knowledge of proper nutrition and workout. Losing weight, improving one’s own performance, building up muscles or just living healthier: A proper nutrition and an appropriate Hollywood Condition Fitness program contribute to bringing the body to top shape in no time.




Kick & Punch – The special fitness workout


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“Kich&Punch” is one of the most effective and most strenuous cardio workouts. Powerful punches and kicks are essential during the training. They are performed to a fast and rhythmical music. It is an arduous cardio workout and the result is a high production of the hormone endorphin that makes participants feel free and happy.



Our philosophy – More than workout

Kick and Punch as one part of Hollywood Condition is much more than a training concept. It is a way of life: Dreams should come true and objectives should be achieved, success is the main goal. Both mind and body have to work together to achieve that goal – giving up is not an option. The most important point is to be honest with oneself and to achieve the personal objectives. This is the only way to establish a feeling of fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness.

Our courses are based on practical experience. However, we also attach importance to the theoretical part of the program. Due to long years of practical experience, our speakers and fitness coaches are able to pass their knowledge and fun on to the participants.


Have a fun and successful experience with Kick and Punch / Hollywood Condition!